If you’re considering getting your real estate license, you’ve probably already realized there are two paths for you to consider: taking the course in a classroom or through an online provider. Real estate school used to be solely through traditional venues, in person, but with the advent of online learning you now have more options than ever to acquire the training you need to get your real estate license (from the comfort of your own home!). In this article, we break down some of the advantages of online real estate school, as well as show you some of the key areas you should look for when choosing a provider.

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Who is online real estate school for?

With the ever-growing presence of online courses, you finally have options when deciding how to pursue your real estate education. However, you may be averse to starting an online course, especially if you’ve never taken one before. Online courses can seem daunting, but with the right attitude and determination online courses can give you some benefits that traditional in-class courses just can’t.

The key is to find your motivation, but to also know your limits. Your motivations for attending real estate school may be:

  • career opportunities
  • supporting yourself or your family
  • taking part in a high-paced and exciting salesoriented industry

However, part of the online school experience is knowing that you are the only one there to guide yourself and keep on task, so be aware of what it takes to consistently learn and retain material without a classroom setting. Some important things to start with include setting aside dedicated time each day to learn, as well as creating a distraction-free environment for yourself. For the social media addicts out there, perhaps consider installing the Facebook “News Feed Eradicator” which replaces your social media feed with an inspirational quote. That being said, if you are sure that you can’t complete a course by yourself because you lack discipline at home, perhaps consider going with the traditional real estate school route.

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What are the advantages of online real estate schools?

Online real estate schools give you flexibility

If you are already working at a job and you are considering starting an online course, you’ll know that it can be difficult to add another task to your already packed schedule. Between lunch meetings, overtime, and taking care of daily life essentials (that laundry isn’t going to fold itself!), online real estate school can help you work around your current time limits.

Taking your courses online not only allows you to skip tasks that eat up your time such as in class lectures and commuting, but you get to take the courses the way you want to. Traditional schools force you into schedules that may not match up well with your own, whereas online real estate schools will often allow you up to six months to complete your licensing exam! Set yourself a weekly study schedule, and get through the course at your own pace.

Save your money and your time

Trying to finance yourself through school can be an overwhelming barrier that prevents many people from challenging a new career path. The stress of trying to figure out how you will pay your next bills while also paying for classroom training can be enough to stop you from even trying.

Traditional real estate schools will often be more expensive than an online course. The cost of online real estate school programs is often less expensive thanks to the minimization of resources that are required to teach a course. Not to mention the money you’ll save on expenses like fuel, transit, or babysitters. Taking your program online will allow you to save money for yourself, whether that is money to set you up for the next stage of your life or for next month’s rent.

Besides the money factor, the time savings from not having to get ready, commute, and arrive a bit early to a classroom course can add up to hours each week! One of the biggest benefits of taking coursework online is that you just open your browser and get right to work when it suits you. Taking a look at the average commute time for major cities across America, you can quickly see how the hours add up!

What do you need to do to start real estate school online?

Have a drive for success

While many seek to attain their real estate licence, some may not be suited to the freedom that an online school will provide. In order to successfully complete a real estate school program online, you must be dedicated and determined to become a real estate agent. Without that desire, it is too easy to drop courses or not complete the online schooling in the allotted time period you are given. Don’t let this stop you from getting started, though! Writing down your goals and keeping that page open in your study area can help remind you why you are taking an online course when you could be relaxing instead. Focus on your future!

Research your state’s requirements

Before applying for an online real estate school, make sure you have researched your states licencing requirements as they can differ greatly between states.

Our list of state requirements is here.

Some states have more stringent requirements compared to others. For example, Colorado requires you to take 162 credited class hours before you may attempt the licencing exam. Some states are far more lenient, like Kansas, where you are only required to take 30 hours of pre-licence classes before taking the licence exam. The good news? ProTraining has a list of tailor-made courses designed to meet state requirements so you can get started right away.

Set up your study area

Close your other tabs, brew a cup of coffee or tea (or whatever helps you focus!), and get yourself ready to begin learning. It might have been a while since you last took a course on anything, but you don’t have to worry. Our online courses specifically walk you through each step of your learning in detail, ensuring you finish each module with a clear understanding of the main topics and points you need to know for your exam. A clean study area will give you space to take notes on paper if you wish, as well as help you focus only on the study material in front of you.

Your next steps

Online real estate school is a great way of completing your pre licence course hours if you’re considering getting your real estate license. Once you have your pre-license hours completed, you can challenge your state licence exam and move on to beginning your new career. Want to move through the material quickly? An online course is likely your answer.

While traditional real estate schools continue to be popular, online schools are quickly catching up because of the time, money, and flexibility benefits outlined above.

Online real estate training through ProTraining is the ideal option for people who don’t have the time to get to scheduled classes or who want to save money, but really anyone who aspires to become a real estate agent can get started right away. If you are considering breaking into the exciting industry of real estate, check out our course list and find the program for your state.